Water Treatment

Future-proof your municipality’s water treatment facilities

Since the company’s establishment 20 years ago, we have worked on water treatment facilities with municipalities nationwide, including Kungsbacka, Svenljunga and Ängelholm. We were one of the first companies to offer smart, web-based programs for automation, control and servicing. Great quality and standards are the foundation for successful water treatment projects, and we always have great respect for our projects’ essential societal functions. We offer everything from project management to design, installation, programming and commissioning. Our trusted SCADA system and the cloud service “VA Inside” give you control over operations and maintenance at your facilities.

The boulder clay at Fjärås Bräcka helps with water treatment

One of our most sophisticated automation systems for water treatment can be found at Fjärås in Kungsbacka Municipality. At the Fjärås Bräcka glacial ridge, millions of litres of water are pumped up from Lake Lygnern to Fjärås Bräcka to benefit from the purifying properties of this ancient boulder ridge. The water is filtered and purified almost entirely naturally through the area’s gravel and boulder clay before being supplied as one of Sweden’s best tasting and highest quality drinking waters to the 80,000 inhabitants of Kungsbacka Municipality.