Homes that save money… and the environment!

With each year that passes, we broaden the opportunities for property owners and/or apartment owners to influence energy consumption and comfort. We offer a range of options to apartment owners wanting to influence and change their energy consumption through individual metering and charging. Sometimes, however, the same benefits can be achieved by controlling your energy use, servicing and comfort through our cloud service, which gives you complete control. We draw on our experience to find you management and optimisation solutions that meets your specific needs.

What happens when the installation is ready?

Arrigo is a cloud service with all the functions you need in one place! You get control via energy reports, maintenance planning, alarm reports, technical documentation, inspection reports and much more, all in one place. Arrigo delivers numerous energy and cost savings and efficient facility management.

Choose your SI+ services – maximise the effects for you

SI Energy Audit and SI Energy Survey are services for analysing the energy consumption – all to create the right prerequisites for expert advice and actions on future improvements.


Planned Maintenance, SI Service Partner and SI Customer Service ensure convenient and cost-effective management. The scope varies from a guaranteed appointment with our service engineers to turnkey solutions for any kind of maintenance demand.


SI Energy Optimisation and SI Energy Follow-Up are services that maximise the potential of existing installations and reveal new solutions for the best possible results. We are a dialogue partner on development issues in day-to-day work.


SI Operational Control, SI Alarm Management and SI Back Duc ensure efficient, safe and smooth operation. Moreover, we provide proactive advice on interesting opportunities for future improvements.

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Energy Optimisation
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Planned Maintenance
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Operational Control
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