Join us in creating the energy-efficient buildings and cities

Here at Systeminstallation we love development and technology. We say “Yes” to new ideas and new approaches. We believe in down-to-earth commitment and the view that intelligent digitalisation are the way forward. We are easy to work with and we are deeply passionate about finding the most energy-efficient solution, every time…

Job vacancies

We take "feels-right applications" seriously! We at Systeminstallation likes when people spontaneously sends their applications to us. We call them ”feels-right applications” and often they can lead to a job. In the last ten years, almost half of all our employees have applied to us without referral to an official job ad. This makes us proud and we always encourage talented people we meet to do send an application. Systeminstallation i located in Sweden and we are always interested in humble people with the right attitude and knowledge. We are looking for personalities who likes to do things together and who are good at getting things out of their hands. Do you think you are our next talent to hire? Send your application today to:

Would you like to work in a growing industry?

We are looking for individuals who wants to develop energy-saving solutions for future buildings and cities. We believe that in the future, energy efficient solutions are the only given option.

Examples of our solutions

We help to automate and streamline everything from Swedish vineyards to terminals and municipal operations.

What happens after installation?

From the control room in Varberg our energy experts optimise and manage properties all over Sweden.