When hotels and sustainability go hand in hand!

In modern hotels sustainability is always in focus. This is the case in many of our reference projects, such as: Varbergs Stadshotell, Varberg Strandbad, Hotel Tylösand and Ästad Vingård. The goal for these properties is to meet the demands for comfort and work environment without using more energy than necessary. The objective is to ensure that the property’s various systems work together to deliver sustainable and low energy consumption and costs.

Ästad Vingård – automation and energy savings for the benefit of the guests

Ästad Vingård uses one of our most comprehensive solutions. Here, the overall impression is everything. Each and every detail matters. Together with Ästad’s dedicated project group, we have reviewed automation and control for the whole facility. The energy-efficient solution used at Ästad Vingård controls and optimises everything from room comfort to the pool and spa, as well as Ästad’s in-house wine production.

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Arrigo provides excellent solutions for whatever you want to control!

By linking the various systems we make it possible to use a common platform to monitor, control and optimise all the functions in a property, for example, temperature, ventilation, lighting and security systems. These are coordinated and streamlined through an intelligent operating system – Arrigo for hotels, where all the functions interact (so that the property’s heating and cooling systems are not operating at the same time, for example).

  • Connect the hotel’s booking system to ensure efficient in-room climate control and
  • Create a number of climate zones to meet different temperature requirements.
  • Needs-based ventilation delivers precisely the ventilation required at any one time.
  • Solar cells for climate-neutral self-consumption with smart functions.

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We are looking for individuals who wants to develop energy-saving solutions for future buildings and cities. We believe that in the future, energy efficient solutions are the only given option.

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