Energy & Operation

Our best resource.

From the control room in Varberg our energy experts optimise and manage properties all over Sweden. Through our SI+ services and the Arrigo platform our customers can choose the right combination of operations services and energy solutions for their business. Just consider all the options and determine the best mix of services for your business, and then we can start saving energy and protecting the environment – together. Everything is about helping you as a customer to create maximum value through energy efficiency and smarter operations and management. At the centre of it all you’ll find our best resource – the control room in Varberg, Sweden.

Arrigo – an intelligent platform for efficient energy solutions and management

A decade ago we started to developed the Arrigo platform in collaboration with our global business colleague Regin. Today we are proud to offer a smart, open platform for substantial energy savings in buildings. Arrigo, is designed to be easily adapted for any type of building. Complete and custom-made solutions are already available and are saving energy every day.

Choose your SI+ services – maximise the effects for you

SI Energy Audit and SI Energy Survey are services for analysing the energy consumption – all to create the right prerequisites for expert advice and actions on future improvements.


Planned Maintenance, SI Service Partner and SI Customer Service ensure convenient and cost-effective management. The scope varies from a guaranteed appointment with our service engineers to turnkey solutions for any kind of maintenance demand.


SI Energy Optimisation and SI Energy Follow-Up are services that maximise the potential of existing installations and reveal new solutions for the best possible results. We are a dialogue partner on development issues in day-to-day work.


SI Operational Control, SI Alarm Management and SI Back Duc ensure efficient, safe and smooth operation. Moreover, we provide proactive advice on interesting opportunities for future improvements.

Energy Audit
Energy Survey

Energy Optimisation
Energy Follow-Up

Planned Maintenance
Service Partner
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Operational Control
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Back Duc

Would you like to work in a growing industry?

We are looking for individuals who wants to develop energy-saving solutions for future buildings and cities. We believe that in the future, energy efficient solutions are the only given option.

Our customer service centre wants you to call

At Systeminstallation we take a different approach and have a customer service centre that wants to hear from you. There is nothing we like more than providing energy support or assisting with installations. Call us now!

We are SI. We are dedicated.

Dedicated. Skilled. Down-to-earth. Together. These words tell you something about who we are and why we always aim to do better tomorrow. No matter what.