Award-winning solution has saved EUR 10 million

In ten years we have saved more than 100 million through tireless energy optimisation and development. Our long-term commitment alongside DB Schenker has been a success story from the first string of code written. Together, we have created a solution that is incredibly energy efficient and also helps to streamline operations. Terminals are being connected to Arrigo for Logistics throughout Sweden, and every day we explore new opportunities to work smarter and improve efficiency. At DB Schenker we have also come a long way in terms of our SI+ services, where we have identified a combination of service and management options that have made everyday work considerably easier for anyone with responsibility for properties and terminals at DB Schenker.

Did you know that…

…our solution for DB Schenker has been recognised with an international award? Together with DB Schenker, we received the award for “The Energy Saving Solution of the Year” at the 2016 Regin Energy Saver Awards. The solution received the first prize for its user-friendliness in combination with vast energy savings.

Energy savings of over EUR 10 million in 10 Years
100% Commitment from DB Schenker's property managers
Easy to understand what saves energy and money
Real-time energy reports