The comprehensive platform for
tomorrow's connected buildings.

The scalable platform Arrigo covers all aspects of management for connected buildings. Arrigo provides Building Management (BMS), energy management (EMS), and facility management (FMS) in one powerful platform. 

Arrigo comes with an interactive interface as standard. You will always have real-time access to relevant information allowing you to take instant action from any device. Whether you are a building owner, an integrator or facility managers – Arrigo is the next step into the future generation of proptech.


One comprehensive platform for efficient building management.

Arrigo BMS

Aggregate building data. Control and monitor your systems.

Arrigo EMS

Monitor, control and optimize building performance.

Arrigo FMS

Plan operations and management. Get full control of documentation.

Arrigo empowers organizations

Improve performance. Optimize energy consumption. Future-proof investments.


Quite simply, building management made efficient.
Improved profitability and competitiveness

Save time. Improve performance.

Arrigo is designed to save time. Building management involves numerous processes and many different stakeholders. When everyone has real-time access and full control of their respective area of responsibility, the speed for completion of tasks will increase. Here is how Arrigo will make your business more efficient:

  • One platform for collaboration improves productivity across the entire operation.
  • Role-based and personalized views with widgets for fast and informed decisions.
  • Real-time access to critical information enables analysis and instant actions.
  • Easy access to maintenance data, day-to-day operations, and alarms.

Optimize energy consumption.

Controlling energy consumption while ensuring indoor comfort and air-quality is one of the most critical challenges for building owners and facility managers. Arrigo provides an intuitive overview of the energy consumption in combination with indoor environment quality data through:

  • Smart energy management tools (EMS) for data analysis, trends, comparisons, forecasts, follow-ups, and more.
  • Visualized results in real-time reports provide the insights necessary for following up on actions and adjusting your system.
  • Energy reports for key stakeholders or benchmarking (for instance trough BREEAM, LEED, etc.) of your buildings’ performance.

Future-proof investment.

While saving time and energy provides bottom-line financial arguments for investing in Arrigo, it does not end there. Lifecycle cost is also about taking a systematic approach to balancing maintenance, refurbishment and operating costs. Here’s how Arrigo will help you maintain sustainable systems over time:

  • Ensuring maximum lifespan for all our solutions during their lifecycle.
  • Smooth upgrade and integration with the most common communications protocols on the market. If your integrations includes EXOscada, you can also reuse configurations and graphics.
  • The Arrigo platform is prepared to communicate with future generations of controllers and field products.

Technology for a sustainable future

Arrigo leads digitalization in buildings by connecting existing systems & products with third-party systems and services. 

With efficient analysis tools, Arrigo empowers professionals. Arrigo helps the users to understand the level of usage, and how building functions can be optimized for the best user experience with the lowest energy consumption. 

Implementing Arrigo is a highly profitable investment opportunity that goes far beyond financial returns. Arrigo contributes to health, well-being, and productivity in buildings while minimizing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Always in control. Always ready.

Innovation through time-saving design

Work from any device.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Arrigo welcomes all users to an intuitive interface. Your working area adapts perfectly to any kind of role from facility managers too caretakers and energy Consultants. Arrigo gives you quick access to critical parameters for easy configuration wherever you are. The interface supports your workflow no matter if you’re working on a large monitor, a laptop, or a smart device.

Arrigo widgets.
Little space, great benefits.

Arrigo widgets are smart, easy-to-use applications with a graphical interface that work with real-time data and offer valuable insights on the most important parameters. Some of the most commonly used widgets are alarms widgets and trend widgets. An Arrigo widget can consist of various components, such as text fields, tabbed panels, graphic animations, or interactive SVG animations.

Arrigo Dashboards.
Everything in one place. Always.

Arrigo dashboards can be compared to a homescreen where you´l find the most relevante widgets for your role in the workflow. The widgets provide real-time visibility into critical data and centralize all information in one place.

The dashboad is adapted to your specific business and provide data for both time and energy savings, on a daily basis. Dashboards are the primary bricks of a user interface. A set of navigable dashboards allows analysis and actions based on top-level executive statistics, as well as detailed application information.

Customized views.
The way YOU like it.

When it comes to BMS-systems, every user has different routines. Some start their day by checking the alarm logs, others focus on energy consumption. Arrigo helps all platform users save time through customized views based on their most-used widgets. This way, every user starts Arrigo based on their version of a dashboard – just the way they want it. With instant, real-time access to relevant and viable information. Anytime. Anywhere.