Arrigo EMS

Arrigo EMS is the application for energy management that integrates seamlessly with Arrigo BMS. With the EMS-module in place, you can perform in-depth analysis of your collected property data and generate massive energy savings in individual buildings or groups of buildings. 

Save time.
Improve performance.

Arrigo is designed to save time. Energy management involves numerous processes and many different stakeholders. When everyone has real-time access and full control of their respective area of responsibility, the speed for completion of tasks will increase. Here is how Arrigo will make your business more efficient:

  • One platform for collaboration improves productivity across the entire operation.
  • Role-based and personalized views with widgets for fast and informed decisions.
  • Real-time access to critical information enables swift analysis and instant actions.
  • Easy access to maintenance data, day-to-day operations, and operational incidents.

Visualize results.

A prerequisite for saving energy in real estate is to understand the origin of costs. Arrigo EMS provides you a suite of simple tools that quickly deliver the insights needed for optimized building performance. At all times.

Arrigo EMS provides:

  • Comparisons of energy use before and after implemented improvements.
  • Functions for comparisons of buildings.
  • Normalized values with corrections for outside temperature variations.
  • Smart forecasting features showing how adjustments will affect energy use over time.
  • Quality-assured reports.
  • Features such as real-time report sharing with different stakeholders.
  • Filtered views on geographical areas, residential areas, and properties.
  • Customized choice of level of data presentation.
  • And much more…

Full control of
energy consumption

Arrigo gives property owners and managers complete control over the energy usage. Use the power of property data from the Arrigo BMS application and combine it with in-depth analysis from Arrigo EMS to achieve sustainable savings. Take control of your costs, optimize property performance and increase the property’s cash flow and asset value.

Arrigo empowers organisations

Improve performance. Optimize energy consumption.
Future-proof investments.