We are Systeminstallation

Big changes by taking small and clever steps.

SYSTEMINSTALLATION WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1998 and we develop and deliver solutions for energy efficiency and automation in buildings and various facilities . We started out as a group of four, and we all had a vision of doing our own thing, but as a part of a team. Strong partnerships was high on our priority list right from the beginning, and we developed sound synergies with both suppliers and our end customers – all to create a sense that objectives are best achieved together.

Today, there are almost 90 people working out of our offices in Gothenburg, Halmstad, Varberg, Falkenberg and Ängelholm. Our business areas are Municipalities, Offices & Business Premises, Homes, Water Treatment, Pools & Spas, Hotels, Logistics and Energy & Operation.

Our business idea

We develop and deliver energy efficiency and automation for the climate smart properties of the future.

Long-Term Perspective
Close Cooperation
Energy Savings
Innovative Solutions

Our vision

Our vision is to create the next generation’s energy efficient world. Together.

Long-term energy savings and efficient
We felt early on that many of our solutions had not reached their full potential by the time the certain project were completed. In response to this, we now have a broad range of energy management services where our energy experts optimise solutions in Sweden and around the world – all carried out from the control room in Varberg. We offer maintenance and management services, as well as daily support. We also have a support team that wants to hear from you!

Local presence and excellent references
Systeminstallation has SI-partners throughout Sweden and the world, from north tosouth, who carry out installations of the highest quality. SI always the has final responsibility for quality wherever our name appears. We have excellent references from municipalities, such as Varberg, Kungsbacka, Falkenberg and Nacka, as well as from reputable companies, including Gekås Ullared, Carlsberg, Göteborg Energi, DHL, Schenker and PEAB.

Certified quality and performance

Systeminstallation is one of Reign’s “Certified Premium Solution Partners” and has been so for more than a decade. Regin, our global partner and major supplier of products and software, has an extensive list of requirements for partners to receive the highest level of certification. We are proud to be a premium partner that fulfils those quality and performance requirements year after year.

Facts about Regin – SI’s systems partner and product supplier

  • A Swedish company that operates globally. Offices in more than 15 countries, from
    France (Paris) and Germany (Berlin) to Singapore (Singapore) and China (Shanghai)
  • Innovative energy efficient solutions for properties since 1947
  • Each year Regin invests 10% of its turnover in software and product development
  • 230 employees worldwide
  • Regin’s software and products are currently used in more than 90 countries

Would you like to work in a growing industry?

We are looking for individuals who wants to develop energy-saving solutions for future buildings and cities. We believe that in the future, energy efficient solutions are the only given option.

Our customer service centre wants you to call

At Systeminstallation we take a different approach and have a customer service centre that wants to hear from you. There is nothing we like more than providing energy support or assisting with installations. Call us now!

Examples of our solutions

We help to automate and streamline everything from Swedish vineyards to terminals and municipal operations.