Nacka Municipality’s journey to property digitialisation

We have recently connected a number of properties in Nacka Municipality to Arrigo.
This project is an extensive pilot that has enabled us to examine the scope for
simplified management and
energy savings in schools, preschools, sports centres and other community
buildings. A variety of properties have been connected to Arrigo, and we have
already identified and implemented a number of improvements in terms of energy
savings, support and maintenance. This project is ongoing and we look forward to
turn Nacka into an even more energy-efficient municipality.

Integrate Arrigo with an existing system

Nacka Municipality has integrated Arrigo with its existing facility management
systems. Data from Arrigo is used in existing platforms for support and management
– this is possible thanks the open Arrigo platform.
Simple energy reports from Arrigo
Guidance and support from energy experts in Varberg
Complete control over management
Immense scope for energy savings