Här är helhetsintrycket allt. Varje detalj gör skillnad.

Ästad Vingård uses one of our most comprehensive solutions. Here, the overall
impression is everything. Each and every detail matters. Together with Ästad’s
dedicated project group, we have reviewed automation and control for the whole
facility. The energy-efficient solution used at Ästad Vingård controls and optimises
everything from room comfort to the pool and spa, as well as Ästad’s in-house wine

Welcome to Ästad Vingård

Ästad Vingård is one of Sweden’s largest vineyards, beautifully situated in a nature
reserve that also includes Åkulla’s beech forests. We thoroughly recommend a visit
to Ästad Vingård.

Energy optimisation through Arrigo
Room control linked to reception
Frost protection for budding grapes
Meeting technology that works everytime